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We have been using the transcription service of MDofficeManager in our Internal Medicine practice for the past two years. The quality of reports has always been excellent. The reports are accurate and turnaround time is exceptional. Our office members are very happy. The support staff is always pleasant, kind and helpful when we have any concerns at all. This service has been an excellent addition to our practice and we would recommend the service to other healthcare professionals without hesitation. Thanks to all the personnel at MDofficeManager for the hard work they do.
- Internal Medicine, Louisville, KY

It easy to get started with MediVoxx?
Yes. A MediVoxx representative will interview you over the phone to determine which service your organization requires. Items such as your basic technology compatibility and your provider format preferences will be determined via implementation checklists. Processing dictated files can begin within three business days. Files are electronically delivered ready for printing or for ďauto-fileĒ in your electronic medical record system (EMR).

How secure is your service?
MediVoxx is completely HIPAA compliant utilizing both encryption as well as password technologies to safe guard your patient information. All work is entirely processed in the United States.

How can MediVoxx help an office be "chart-ready" relative to compliant documentation?
Our MediVoxx Premium (MVP) service inspects each transcribed document against a pre-determined format required by your coding and billing department. Each document will be reviewed for completeness and those notes deemed incomplete will be flagged once delivered to your healthcare facility for further review. Future chart audits conducted by any healthcare insurance provider or the Office of the Inspector General are more likely to find your facility in compliance using MVP.

What is patient documentation and why is it important?
According to the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare (CMS), patient documentation is required to record pertinent facts, findings, and observations about a patientís health history, both past and present illnesses, examinations, tests, treatments and outcomes. The medical record documents the patient care chronologically, and is an important element contributing to high quality care. Proper patient care documentation facilitates:

•  The ability of healthcare providers to evaluate and plan the patientís immediate treatment and monitor health care over time.
•  Communication and continuity of care among the providers involved in the patientís care.
•  Accurate and timely claims review and payment.

An appropriately documented medical record can result in more accurate and timely claims processing, shortening the revenue cycle while improving reimbursements. It may also serve as a legal document to substantiate services as medically necessary.

Where can I find more information on Documentation Guidelines?
At MediVoxx, we assist providers to achieve more complete and effective documentation, without having to spend additional hours dictating. We will custom tailor documentation style and format by provider according to current documentation guidelines, resulting in thorough documentation, higher returns, and BETTER PATIENT CARE!