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We have been using the transcription service of MDofficeManager in our Internal Medicine practice for the past two years. The quality of reports has always been excellent. The reports are accurate and turnaround time is exceptional. Our office members are very happy. The support staff is always pleasant, kind and helpful when we have any concerns at all. This service has been an excellent addition to our practice and we would recommend the service to other healthcare professionals without hesitation. Thanks to all the personnel at MDofficeManager for the hard work they do.
- Internal Medicine, Louisville, KY

Our flagship solution, MediVoxx, customizes your patient care documentation to accurately reflect your elevated level of patient care.

Through advanced technology and improved operational processes, MediVoxx offers healthcare transcription services to aid providers in the following areas:

Reduced dictation time
Increased reimbursements
Adherence to current documentation guidelines
HIPAA compliancy

MediVoxx is virtually reinventing the healthcare transcription industry with this unique approach.
Studies have shown that documentation rarely supports the actual level of care provided in a patient encounter. The result is lost reimbursements of $20,000 to $40,000 annually. With proper documentation support, providers using the MediVoxx service can expect more accurate coding, resulting in higher reimbursements.

MediVoxx can alleviate many patient care documentation symptoms including:

Incorrectly coded claims resulting in REDUCED REIMBURSEMENT OR POOR CASH FLOW
Incomplete documentation with risk of a CHART AUDIT
Non-compliance with HIPAA GUIDELINES
Inadequate office space and resultant overhead for an INTERNAL TRANSCRIPTION DEPARTMENT
Ability to handle unexpected peaks in transcription volume due to INSUFFICIENT STAFF RESOURCES

Let MediVoxx elevate your patient care documentation to a higher level!